About Microsoil

Microsoil is one of the leading liquid fertiliser companies in Australia specialising in plant nutrition for farmers in the pasture, horticulture, viticulture and broadacre Winter and Summer cropping sectors.

Microsoil develops, manufactures and supplies an extensive range of high quality liquid fertilisers for agricultural production. The product range includes liquid NPK starter fertilisers, biological mineral fertilisers and an organically certified liquid fertiliser suitable for all forms of farming.

Farming is a risky business so it is critical that a nutrition program addresses and minimises these risks where possible. Improving farming returns can be done by reducing input costs while maintaining or even increasing yield. The use of Microsoil liquids allows you to get your crop started and to then make foliar applications ‘in crop’ based on both your crop’s needs and the outlook for a strong or weak finish to the season. This sort of accuracy in nutrient delivery can only be achieved with liquids.

The biological, mineral and stimulant components of Microsoil’s products allow you to increase productivity without increasing costs. Enhancing your soil’s biological processes has many benefits- increased fertility via the mineralisation of otherwise unavailable Phosphorus, the biological fixation of Nitrogen and disease suppression of soil pathogens to name a few.

The goal is to implement a labour efficient, targeted nutrition program that enhances your soil’s health, minimises risk exposure and provides the best possibility to achieve yield potential in increasingly unpredictable farming conditions.


PETER CALKIN – Sales and Marketing

Peter was formerly GM NSW of Salmat Ltd, an ASX listed company, with operations, sales & marketing experience. He served as a member of Salmat’s Senior Executive Group (2000-2008). Peter has a proven record of sales growth and profit improvement, effective business planning & execution, P&L reporting to the Board, organisational restructuring, communication skills and corporate customer satisfaction.

Peter is a founding Director of Cronus Agriculture Pty Limited, a farm management agribusiness with a focus on the aggregation and purchase of strategic agricultural assets for the production of food and fibre.

Peter has an Associate Diploma in Applied Science from the Sydney Institute of Technology. 



ALLAN TARRANT – (AT Rural Consulting) - trial work, research and development

Allan has provided valuable advice to Microsoil for the past few years on product research and development and during this time he has gained a strong understanding of the Microsoil product range. As a result Allan is well placed to provide technical advice on how Microsoil products could be best incorporated into your farming enterprise.

Allan has 20 years agronomy experience across Australia, particularly in plant science, crop nutrition and crop monitoring for both irrigated and dryland enterprises. Crop specialities include wheat, canola, maize, cotton, mung beans, lucerne, barley and sorghum. Furthermore Allan advises numerous farming operations on pasture improvement for livestock productivity.

Allan has a proven track record in farm improvement, planning, monitoring and benchmarking. Allan is advising over 20 clients across 30,000 HA for some of Australia’s most reputable farms. 

Allan possesses a strong network of agronomy colleagues and farming contractors across eastern Australia.

Allan is qualified in plant pathology and irrigation design, practices and scheduling. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Farm Management from The University of Sydney and has studied plant pathology at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Locally Produced Product

Microsoil sources local ingredients, employs local people and manufactures locally, keeping costs down and your money here in Australia.
By doing this we are helping to keep people in rural Australia employed in an exciting and rewarding agricultural industry.